The value of the Behaviour Support

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Positive behavior support is used primarily to foster research-based strategies, quality of life, while reducing challenging behavior of a person & # 39; s environment. Positive behavior strategies can increase a person & # 39; and independent living skills and cognitive achievements habilitation, behavioral practices and evidence-based research.

The strategy focused on helping people achieve a comprehensive lifestyle changes in order to improve their quality of life. This component is prevalent in the retail environment. Some residential, individuals may have a significant age gaps. Lifestyle factors affect not only living, but also increase the challenge of behavior. Individual & # 39; s environment, lifestyle changes are important proactive approach. The changes correspond to the initial adjustment period, however, resistance and long-term yield positive results. Individual disabilities live successfully helping to make a transition from special education to retail and supportive living example of a life perspective. The perspective and presents a variety of challenges during the stages of life. individual & # 39 Lifetime is very important for all staff and physicians to be aware of applicable; s plan of care.

The development of positive behavior system, an individual & # 39; and support systems to help them adapt to the environment for some time. The ecological component of validity is important because it allows a person & # 39; s lifestyle should improve the support of the circle. It supports not only the people in the environment may reduce challenging behavior, but it also improves self-esteem and general awareness. The individual & # 39; and the community is essential in the development because it allows the individual to participate in community integration and improve socialization skills. This allows individuals to increase its independence while learning to protect their own environment. The success of the approach depends on the structure and relief. In order to make this structure, there must be a central and regulatory processes. Developing an optimistic basic structure affects the behavior of systems. Systems such as measuring the effectiveness of the program, the protocols and valuable results. The focal point of this program is changing the environment, not simply fix the problem behavior. The reference system has a few changes in the behavior of alternative techniques that can be used compared to conventional behavioral interventions. For example, a support group therapy intervention is very good because it helps people solve the problematic issues, which are not limited to the problematic behavior. Unlike traditional approaches, behavior, behavior supports combat stress prevention rather than reactive or aversive procedures for challenging behavior. The emphasis on prevention is very important because it reduces the allegations and incidents of abuse. In its territory, Crisis Intervention Strategies and Prevention (SCIP) it is very widespread, because it teaches the treatment of both behavior and positive behavior support. Evidence-based research is also very important behavior research, and allows clinicians to use valid and reliable data to advance the measure or reduce the behavior. The most important thing is that this research is flexible, to what extent, if other professionals recognize the value of the data, not to criticize these practices that support challenging behavior. All areas of psychology played a significant role in the value of this approach. For example, environmental psychology, the study of how people affect the environment and how to develop ideas for changes.

The significance of the fact that support positive behavior, that it not only focuses on individuals but you can target a group or the entire program. Environmental changes may include the physical environment, analysis and methodologies, curricula, assessments and positive reinforcement. The strategy is an impact on a person & # 39; s life when taking advantage of the changing behavioral sciences, valid and reliable methods of functional analysis and an emphasis on social habilitation.

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