Signs Drug Abuse – Seven clues to look for

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This is one of the most commonly asked question when one artist talking to a group of parents or teachers. How to tell if a young person abusing drugs?

Although there is no single way to know for sure if a person began to experiment with drugs, really a lot of changes that can indicate drug use. These changes in the following areas: appearance, mannerisms and attitude. Also, no changes can be participation in group activities, reduction in motivation to advance goals and reduce his / her general willingness to help.

Because the people on the drugs are usually required to hide the usual manner of the activities are starting to change. This "hidden" pop up a lot, no matter how trying everything seems normal.

Changes to the General Watch mannerisms

1. The people can not comfortably watch in the eye when talking, or talk approach.

Although it is sometimes a sign of low communication skills and basic shyness when you see such a change, it is often an indicator of a drug.

The second man is very unreliable.

The unreliable person shows up late to school / work and keeps getting worse, despite efforts correction.

3. Generally, sad, irritable or not caring attitude.

This may be the person & # 39; s usual. However, it is also a tip-off that drug abuse is a problem, especially if it is a sudden change in the standard.

4. Short attention span, do not listen to as well.

Children are easily distracted. Therefore, the average child & # 39; s TV show is constantly changing, flash-flash photos. Keeping focused can be a challenge. But the inability to concentrate may indicate drug use problem, especially if it is a relatively new change.

5. Sudden change in friends.

Another strong sign of a sudden change in friends, especially if the new group as suspicious and rarely wants to be around your parents, or your house. This is another way that a person separates himself from those who may not agree with the new activity.

6. Monday morning & # 39; blahs & # 39 ;.

Some of the new "club drugs" often leave the user's express depression in the sun, or use them up within days. The more often these drugs are used for long periods of depression can last.

7. Changes in sleeping or eating habits.

Normal sleep patterns often change when someone starts drugs on a regular basis. It might stay up late and sleep during the day. It is also possible to start for a long time with very little sleep, then sleep firmly for 36 hours. These are the signs of drug abuse.

Always be prepared

At first, there may be no physical signs of drug use. It takes time for the effects to the body, especially if drug abuse starts

Again, the most important thing to be wary of any sudden changes in attitudes and behavior patterns. Of course, growing up in a process of change, but things like when you are tired in the morning or after suddenly waking happy lunch or a break can mean a person uses drugs to get through the day.

Knowing what to look for and so that] the children always enough training on the prevention of drug abuse Context

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