Down syndrome – Five things you should know about Down syndrome and sexuality

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might be surprised to find an article about Down syndrome and sexuality by some physicians to take this up and this is often not in the typical prognosis and diagnosis of Down syndrome. You must fend off, however.

Common perception is that people with disabilities do not have either the interest or the ability of adult relationships in the others. However, this is completely false.

People with Down syndrome go through puberty, like everyone else, and the same feelings and desires as everyone else. This does not have to be afraid of, however. With a little education tailored to the specific needs of adults with Down syndrome can learn to be smart, sexuality and learn how to minimize the risk of dangerous situations.

The first part of sexuality Everyone & # 39; s Life

When we talk about sexuality and Down syndrome, we're not just talking about teenagers and adults. Each person goes through many different stages of sexual development, starting when their babies.

The first step is to develop an emotional attachment to their parents and family members. Children of school age deals with the beginnings of modesty and protection of personal data. Of course, the adolescents enter puberty and start feeling sexual desire. This is nothing to be ashamed of, but should be given proper education of teenagers with Down syndrome to make sure they know how to handle these feelings in the right way.

2. The decline of the Institutionalization more is quite among people with Down's syndrome

in the 1960s and 1970s, most of the Down Syndrome institutionalized homogenous buildings and not much opportunity to interact with the opposite sex at all. Now, the Down Syndrome independence and opportunities available to them, and it just follows that they also want what is available to all other members of society – the right to develop and pursue meaningful relationships.

3. An additional difficulty is reserved for people with Down Sexual relations syndrome

There are, of course, the difficulties are exacerbated when we talk about Down syndrome and sexuality. Probably it's clear that there's a lot more prejudices Down syndrome who engage in sexual behavior.

Parents worry a lot more in it. There is good reason for this anxiety, unfortunately. The Down syndrome cognitive deficits that make them more likely to be a victim of sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Women are particularly vulnerable to the problems of abuse and exploitation. You might not know the difference between "good touch" and "bad touch." They may not know how to say no when something so uncomfortable. They may be lonely and willing to put up with inappropriate behavior to get attention.

The isolation and problems of communication, many with Down syndrome face make it difficult for them to access support resources to assist them in decisions that are right for them.

4. There are methods of preventing and exploitation abuse

The best way to help young people with Down syndrome clever that sexuality is to start educating them when they are young. Sex education should begin with the junior high kids with Down syndrome, and you need to focus on personal safety.

Kids need to be taught the difference between good touch and bad touch, and how they "just do not" to advance or do not want to touch. The concept is called "Circles" can be used for older or more advanced cognitive kids. Circles different levels of personal contact and intimacy. Students will learn what is appropriate touching behaviors at all levels. They will learn that sometimes it may be worth a closer friend than they want, in this case, you have to tell them very clearly "STOP".

Sex education must be individualized for each student with Down syndrome depend on their ability to understand the material. It is important, however, that all the things that are usually covered in sex ed, because chances are, teenagers with Down syndrome need to know these things sooner rather than later, in order to keep themselves safe.

The more we talk openly and honestly with Down syndrome teens or young adults about sexuality, they will be safer. The more you understand, the better they will feel about all of this aspect of their lives.

Dating is something that teenagers with Down syndrome often want to try themselves. There are certain social skills necessary to date, and these skills can be taught if needed.

5. People with Down syndrome marry .

Marriage is not at all common for people with Down's syndrome, but it is still growing more and more common. Many scoff at the idea, and wonder how two people who still need aides to work in the world can live together and manage household tasks, but it can be done.

The Wall Street Journal had an article dealing with some of the issues of marriages with Down syndrome.

"There is a growing feeling that there is a need to catch up, junior highs and high schools are starting to offer sex education and social skills tailor-made courses for teens with Down syndrome and other cognitive disorders." There is no reason to believe that there is another libido, "says William I. Cohen, who runs the Down Syndrome Center of Western Pennsylvania Children & # 39;. S Hospital of Pittsburgh" They want what we all want: friendship, companionship, love. "(" A young woman planning a wedding, "Amy Marcus, Wall Street Journal, October 2005)


Marcus also reported conversation was a young woman with Down syndrome, the mother of his impending marriage to another young man with Down syndrome

"at one point, he raised the question of his daughter: do not you worry about that after they married, Ms. Bergeron can to take care of Mr. Desai?

"Do not care Sujet Dad & # 39;??? S mother taking care of her husband's wives do not do this" He says the mother of Ms. Bergeron said. "He's me in my place," Mrs. Bergeron said. "I backed off."

fertility problems

Most men with Down syndrome barren (though not all). Most women already reduced fertility, but still quite fertile. It will be important to teach the couple how to use the contraceptive responsibility.

The romantic love and relationships can be a wonderful thing. There is no reason why people should be left out of life & # 39 Down's syndrome; s biggest perk up, especially if they are biologically and psychologically capable. You just need to get some extra precautions to make sure that your loved one with Down syndrome are prepared to educate their sexuality and all that it may entail.

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