Common Misconceptions Surrounding paralysis

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Cerebral palsy is a well-known reality of the family and friends of those who have it. Much of the rest of us, unfortunately, it has received little attention. Since cerebral palsy (aka CP) is rarely just one thing, since many misconceptions about it persisted for decades. Here are four common misconceptions, myths, if you will, about cerebral palsy and people who

1) Children CP mentally retarded

2) Children CP never walk or talk

3) CP children are never independent life

4) CP from an unknowable and meggátolhatatlan baby's condition

all of the above may be true. Some. But not the majority.

Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term referring to a (currently) incurable, non-progressive neurological held between that result in physical and neurological abnormalities during human development. The cerebral palsy caused by brain damage, or even injury in the early stages of irregular evolution of life. The damage usually occurs just before, during or shortly after the parent process. Very few babies born with noticeable symptoms. Now we begin issuing them in the first few years of life was missing developmental milestones.

Myth # 1: CHILDREN CP [1945901million] living with mental disabilities

Depending on what kind of affect the brain CP can present yourself as any of the various developmental impairments and changes in severity – barely noticeable to severe. More than anything, CP affects the motor and muscular development hit him.

Some children CP does, in fact, experience damage to the parts of the brain that controls thinking and therefore suffer from lifelong cognitive impairment. However, many children suffer from CP little or no cognitive impairment and very clear. Google "in attractive people with cerebral palsy " and you'll find an impressive list of scholars, writers, actors and doctors.

Myth 2: CHILDREN CP [1945901million] never walk or talk

Because CP primarily affects movement and muscle control due to brain regions, learning to walk, then walk a continued walking, sometimes a challenge for CP children, but many people are in such a way that they never know they are not damaged. There are those who will eventually need a wheelchair, walker or a cane to get around, but improvements early intervention, physical therapy and advanced medical procedures have allowed more and more independent of ambulatory CP children.

Some children, brain injury affects the muscles that control the lips and tongue, some of the staff speak clearly or speak at all. Unfortunately, uninformed people often equate speech defect lack of cognitive ability. This is simply not true.

Myth # 3: CHILDREN CP [1945901million] NEVER independent life

Still others do not. However, a fully independent lives of hundreds of thousands of adults living with cerebral palsy. You might need a little extra help preparing for independent living. Occupational therapists help prepare teens and young adults with basic skills such as preparing meals, managing money so that we know when and where to seek medical care, and driving a car or public transport. Sometimes adults with CP is specially designed living spaces to live alone.

4. Myth: CP CAUSE unknowable [1945901million] and UNPREVENTALBE

Because the diagnosis of cerebral palsy occurs after years the triggering event, it can sometimes be difficult or impossible to be traced back to a specific, documented event. There may be physical or emotional life of the mother, an unrecognized infection or failure of one or more health care providers that go unnoticed or deliberately covered up. Historically and unfortunately, a myth has been perpetuated in the courtroom as doctors, healthcare management and insurance providers have endeavored to deflect blame and cloud certainty in the minds of jurors to avoid financial responsibility.

Make no mistake about it, the cause of cerebral palsy may be knowable, and often preventable.

Because the medical community, the legal community and the insurance industry continues to battle in the courtroom, we inch closer and closer to an understanding of all the things you need to do to prevent and eliminate such injuries ever happening in the first place. After all the blame game, it & # 39; and the children and families that need to be done first.

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